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Toxic Managers: "All Customers Can Be Made Happy," And "Religious Beliefs Do Not Excuse You From Working"


03 ManagerFrom Donna

I’ve had some really bad managers who made the job unbearable – like the fresh out of college kid managing his first store that he’s never shopped in who thought everything in the world ran like it did in the textbook.

Oh Thrognar... He got on everybody's case because the textbooks said that good customer service makes happy customers, so if a customer was angry, it way the employee's fault. He refused to hear anything that contradicted his worldview..

Well one day, the most notoriously and perpetually angry customer walked through the door! You know in cartoons how the whole room clears with the sound of a gunshot, leaving nothing but dust trails? Yeah, that happened.

Mr. Good Customer Service was suddenly the only one in line of sight, so that's who the crustomer latched onto. Few people could be seen, and the few he did spot told him that they didn't have time: they were helping another customer, sorry bye! So he was unable to pass the crustomer off to. He had to walk the crustomer around, kissing ass as hard as he could by-the-book in an attempt to make the crustomer happy and there was nothing doing with the crusty.

After the crustomer left, do you think the manager smartened up? Nope. This customer was an aberration, and he expected us to make every other customer happy.

He experienced many, many hard lessons during his tenure there, some from corporate, because he was also stupidly naive about things. Our store was giving away way too much free merchandise to make angry people happy, and corporate wanted to know why so many freebies were being handed away... when CORPORATE notices, you done fucked up, son.


Carolanne cover mouthThere was one other toxic manager, who I walked out on after almost ten years of employment. She was was one who did not believe in time off for religious observances. So even though there were people who were not religious, who were happy and even eager to sign up for religious holiday hours, or church hours, or whatever, her word was law.

If she wanted you in, it was a knock down, drag out fight because she picked YOU to do it. She would lie and say there was nobody else among the staff of fifteen who could work those hours. If you pointed out that Coworker A usually took those hours, she would insist that Coworker A wasn't available, only to be called out as a liar when Coworker A would show up for the regular shift, completely confused why you were there in his place.


I finally did the walkout thing when she signed me up for a Sunday morning shift and I had a huge fight with her. I told her that Coworker A worked that shift. She lied, again, and this time I was ready. Coworker A was waiting for my call so I called him up, put him on speakerphone and asked him if he was available for his usual shift.

Coworker A: "Of course I am! I already told [Manager] that I would be in for that shift. Have a good time at church, Donna!"

I looked the manager in the eye and said, "I'm so fucking done with your shit. Don't expect me to work any more shifts, ever."

Then I called HR and lodged a formal complaint, explaining that I was quitting due to harassment for my religious beliefs and hostile working conditions. I got a call a few days later and there was some desperate dancing, apologizing and pleading on their part. I got some extra hours on my final paycheck as part of the apology, but told them that I had already quit and had another job lined up, so no, I wasn't interested in continuing my employment with them.

The manager no longer works for the company.




Misty Meanor

For the first guy, I still can't believe how naive some people are. As for the second one, I'm glad she no longer works for the company.

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