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Bridezilla 2From thatsmistersir, AskReddit

I was the wedding sales person at a Hotel that was going through a rough patch so I really didn't have much of a choice when it came to clients. There was one bride in particular that drove me crazy. She had been a problem for a few months before I was hired, I remember the Director of Sales telling me that I was inheriting a handful. I figured that no one could be THAT bad and laughed it off. I should have listened.

Our first meeting she presented me with a detailed list of why my venue was a piece of shit. Her fiancee spent the whole time looking defeated.

Our second meeting she brought the absolute worst reviews on Trip Advisor (printed off) from as far back as 2003 and used these as a bargaining tool. She hadn't signed the contract yet so I was very ready to walk away from this at that point but my bosses insisted we needed the revenue.

After this I started playing hardball and told her that another couple was interested in their date and that if she didn't sign within 2 days I'd be selling it to them. This was bullshit mind you, I hoped she would go away at this point but instead asked for the contract immediately. I, being forced to oblige, sent it but with extra clauses.

1. She would pay menu price for any food or beverage ordered.

2. At the hotels discretion we were allowed to terminate the contract for any reason without penalty.

3. Her attrition didn't scale. It was 90% period if she backed out of the contract.

She signed and obviously didn't read it. During the tasting she started coming down on me pretty hard because she didn't feel that the wine was worth $6 a glass. I offered her Franzia as an alternative for $5.50 a glass but reminded her that I wouldn't negotiate menu prices per the contract.

She finally went back and read the thing and asked me about the other additions. I informed her that it was to protect me against "Bridezillas."

After that she was far more agreeable.




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