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Bridezillas: Hubby Has Had Enough


Bridezilla 3From RHUer

This happened at our bridal store.

Bridezilla came in with fiance, and flipped shit about how the bridesmaid dresses weren't the exact same color as the tablecloths they had picked out.

The store had stressed to her that the photo online wasn't totally accurate, she ignored them and ordered that color anyway.

In the middle of her scream fest, the fiance held up his hand and said, "Stop."

Bridezilla stopped dead.

Fiance: "You made the photographer cry, you screamed at the caterer, and (insert another example here I forget)."

She starts screaming at him too and he just sat there, calm and patient and then he said, "Give me the ring."

Her: [Shock and rage] "WHAAATTT?!"

Fiance: "I've had enough. Give me the the ring."

She chucked the ring at him. He calmly picked it up and walked out, leaving her there like a complete fool. She just sat there for several minutes in stunned silence, then stormed out the door. We saw her on her cell phone, blubbering to somebody to come get her, as her fiance left her at the store.





Reminds me of an old stand-up bit:
"She threw the ring at me. I threw it at the jeweler. He threw me a certified check for $10,000. I threw it in the bank.
End of story.


Fenian2153, I hope her ex-fiancé finds another fiancée who will not be crazy and everyone has their limit and he reached it with her!


The sad part of that is that due to market/customer manipulation wedding jewellery is worth far less than you buy it for. There is no chance you will get your money back. (Go look it up, starting with "Diamonds are forever" - and for only one use).

Source: Ex-fiance tried to sell $6000 wedding ring from previous marriage, best offer was $200. I commissioned custom-made rings for $7000, probably worth almost about that.

It's a great scam.

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