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Bridezilla 3From Doobie-Keebler, AskReddit

I'm a wedding photographer. This one self absorbed bitch sat in her suite making her guests sit outside in the sun for a full hour while she fussed with her makeup and jewelry, which had already been done for some time. She wrote her vows during this time--an hour after the service was supposed to have started.

When her aunt came in and gently reminded her that she was holding everyone up, she threw a mini tantrum and complained, "It's my day and everyone's forgetting it's supposed to be about ME!"

When she finally deigned to appear, her brother (a groomsman) passed out from heat exhaustion.

The officiant leaned in asked if she wanted to take a break while he was tended to and she said, "Nah, just keep going, he's fine."

At the end, as she's recessing down the aisle, and you could see the ambulance arriving in the background of the video.

Her vows, by the way, were awful, and sounded like they'd been thrown together just minutes beforehand... because, of course, they had been.





What a terrible sister! Heat exhaustion is nothing to fool with! I was at a festival once and it was quite hot. I started to feel weird and my friend and her mom were shocked because I came close to collapse.

Misty Meanor

One of the worst Bridezillas I've ever seen!

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