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Bridezillas: Rejecting An Expensive Antique Ring


Bridezilla 2From ohiomobprincess, AskReddit

I'm not a wedding planner, but I work closely with brides and grooms. I work in the vintage diamond ring business.

I'll never forget working with one amazing groom. He spent a small fortune on a gorgeous Victorian engagement ring. It was one of the most beautiful rings I had ever seen.

I was super excited about the proposal (I of course wouldn't be there to see it). Imagine my shock when I received a call from the groom the next day...

She apparently hated the ring and threw a fit because (her words) he "bought her a 'used' ring from a garage sale."

This is what the ring looks similar to. The actual ring was Victorian from around 1890. The ring came from a private jeweler in England. The cost of the actual ring itself was $60K (exquisite diamonds/setting) plus taxes, finders fees, etc. Grand total 94K.

I haven't spoken to him recently, but I don't think there is going to be another proposal any time soon...




Tech Support Survivor

I'm speechless. That is one gorgeous ring. It's not my taste, but it is just gorgeous. Groom, you dodged a bullet. Sell that sucker and count your lucky stars whatever you've lost on the ring, is ALL you've lost.


the whole point of the engagement ring is that the man picks it out, right?

Then the woman and the man pick out the wedding ring together.

I'm just wondering because i read a lot of stories like this on dear abby and other 'dear' help articles.

Eddy Cator

Heh, I showed it to my girlfriend, she wrinkled her nose and the word "fugly" was mentioned. Definitely not her taste lol.

I picked out the engagement ring for the first wife. Spent more than the 3 months wages on it and got a huge single rock because I was young and naive and thought that's what you did. She hardly ever wore it, and I couldn't help feeling hurt about it in those heady dreamy days. It took me many years to realise she felt guilty about how much it had cost me, she was terrified of losing it - a real possibility since she worked with her hands and it snagged on everything including air.

With second wife I paid attention and got her over the course of almost a year to describe her perfect ring, asked her friends, family etc, and bought her something she loved so much she still wears it every day, even though we parted ways (amicably) some years ago. Even though it was "cheap" if I'd have given her a ring like first she would have been as upset as 'bridezilla' - not because it was cheap, but because I didn't know her enough to get her something she would like.

For some its all about the dollars. For some its all about the meaning.

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