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Bridezilla 1From excellent_916, AskReddit

I used to work at a pub, and there encountered the cheapest couple I have ever met. The first clue was that they decided to have their wedding reception in the tiny bar of a pub. There were quite a few other hints that these people were just trying to get the most freebies out of their wedding as possible:

  • There was a strict rule that they must be out by 11pm, however they insisted on staying later and later until it was 12am and, since you can't say no to a bride on her wedding day, I was made to pack up the entire room and place the decorations in boxes for her to pick up in the morning. (I'm a waitress at a pub, this is not my job.)

  • There was a strict schedule that was emailed to us, on this schedule we were told the bride and groom would arrive at 6.15 and the entrees (2 plates of cheese and biscuits) were to come out at 6.30. Upon arriving at 6pm, the bride and groom both came to me at the bar and told me the entrees were late. When I said that the schedule said the kitchen was to prepare them at 6.30, the bride had a fit and started screaming at me that that's not what she said, though I had the email from her printed behind the bar with me.

  • The bride was told beforehand that if she wanted us to cut the cake and distribute it, it would be a $10 cakeage fee, as is standard with most establishments, however she said no, she could cut it all. After cutting a slice for herself, she said to me, "I shouldn't have to do this. you should do this," and tried to get me to cut it without paying the $10 fee.

  • The venue was free and the minimum spend was $1000, and the bride and groom still bought alcohol from home and drank that, and after one meal per person (there were only 15 people and the photographer was not allowed a meal), in a curt email after the reception, the bride told us she wanted a discount because the meals were too big.

These people definitely had money, but were just too cheap to spend it, the bride did her own makeup which was running by the start of the reception, and bought her dress at one of those cheap online sites.

The atmosphere was horrible too. I don't know if anything happened before the reception but it honestly felt like a funeral in there, no one was talking at all. I was the only one serving them and a couple of my coworkers came in and commented on how immensely awkward the whole place felt. It was the weirdest even I've ever attended.




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