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From Galanube, Tales From Retail:

There was this lady that kept finding things in our store to buy after she checked out, the third time it was with me.

She had brought up one of those ties that comes in a box, but she had taken it out.

Her English was ok, she had a pretty strong accent though.

She said " I don't know how to put back" so after I scan the item I reach over to but the tie back in the box cause I know to do it, but before I can do so, she takes the tie folds it in half and lays it across my chest to simulate me wearing it.

She's mumbling something about how I'm about the same size of her dad and that her dad doesn't like big ties. She also kinda accidentally poked me in the boob. All the while I'm trying not to laugh, because it was really awkward for me, I'm also imagining this lady's dad, if he's really my size he's only about 5ft tall.

After a minute she says "Yes I want" I put the tie back in the box and finish checking her out.

As she's walking away I see her take the box out of the bag, and the tie out the box again and I was bit frustrated cause I had just put back in there all nice and neat.







At least she didn't insist on getting an unopened one instead of the one she was inspecting.

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