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Probably because the cat hair would clog up the solvents and filters, and either contaminate the other clothes washed at the same time, or require them to do more work on the filters...

Tech Support Survivor

That's... just weird. I have stuff sent to the dry cleaners and it usually have cat fur embedded into it. Heck mom has a pair of mats to drop off, her two himmies have been using them as a bed. No trouble.


Why would you dry clean a mat? And it was just a guess.


I don't think this was posted because the cleaner didn't clean the pants, but because he wrote "raccoon hair" instead of "cat hair."


Maybe they have a pet racoon in the place that rolled around on the pants for a while. It was their hair they were objecting to, not your hair.

Tech Support Survivor

TT the mats I'm talking about are made from old clothes/sheets etc, but end up being heavy enough that you can't wash them in a regular washer. So to the industrial ones the dry cleaners have.

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