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This Geeky Wedding cake is billed as a "Stunning Harry Potter Wedding Cake" Um...after all the cakes we've been seeing, I beg to differ. Besides looking very generic with some non descript leaf and flower adornments, the second tier of the cake doesn't exactly look like a scene from Harry Potter! WTF? A Halloween witch flying to her haunted house under a witch's moon?  From Hongkiat





To be fair, the house the witch is flying to looks very much how the books described the Burrow. I can't speak for the movies, as I don't remember, but the house looks "held together by magic."


It's Harry Potter. Not so much in the coloring though...should be red/gold with the Gryffindor logo on the 2nd layer from the top.

The house is the Weasley's house from the books and the movie

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