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But... You CAN'T roll a natural 20 with a die 10!Uou can roll damage, but that seems kind of harsh for an engagement ring.


Heh! I was about to say the same thing. :P


But it IS worth a success and a reroll (or two successes) in a White Wolf game!


I dunno, getting a crit and then max damage with a bastard sword seems pretty sweet to me :3


That's not a crit, though, it's a bad roll. Nothing is clearly showing as the 'up' side.

I once had a die roll a 1 twice in a row in a game in White Wolf's first Werewolf game, meaning that I was dead and unrecoverable. I took it outside, set it on the sidewalk, lined up my other ten siders around it and smashed it with an axe.

"What did you do that for?"
"Pour encourager les autres."


I was going to protest that's not a D20...

And then I saw all the other comments and remembered anew why I love this community. XD

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