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What am I missing?


I'm assuming it is syrup that is butter flavored. Does that even exist? I don't know.

When I can find it in a store I get maple syrup instead of fake syrup. Only tree blood is good enough for my pancakes.

Kai Lowell

Hanyo, it is and it does.

Butter syrup is revolting.


If you look at the super tiny fine print in the picture of the pancakes, just left and down from the banana slices, it says "Does not contain butter".
So no actual butter was harmed in the making of the butter-flavoured syrup.


It's on a waffle


Butter flavored maple syrup is really common here, right next to the regular artificial maple syrup. Finding real maple syrup is the challenge.

Tech Support Survivor

Icky. I'll take real maple syrup over the gross fake stuff any day.


I refuse to eat fake "maple" syrup. If I don't have the real thing I'll just put jam or fruit on my breakfast. I guess I'm lucky that I live in the northeast U.S. and can get real maple syrup easily, I didn't realize it was hard to find elsewhere.


I'm in Florida and it's fairly simple to find real maple syrup. (Amusingly, it comes in hip flasks, for at least one brand). Sadly, some of us have restricted diets and can't have the sugar...


I used to like the fake stuff McD's put on their breakfasts but then I tasted the real stuff (in the UK so it wasn't common 20 years ago) and wondered why I would ever put up with that crappy gloop the clown provides when I could have that heavenly tree sap.

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