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From  UBT400, Tales From Retail:

So in my store we have a break room where we can eat, but this particular day my boss was having a meeting in there. It wasn't a particularly nice day outside. So when lunch rolled around I had to clock out, close my till, and eat at the register.

As we all know, people never pay attention to the "register closed" signs. They see a person sitting there and just start unloading their stuff. I told customer after customer that this register was closed/I'm off the clock and to proceed to the next one. They usually apologized to huffed a little, but obliged... except one lady. She came up to my register all smiles and sunshine.

Oh, sorry to interrupt your lunch! I only have a few things, don't worry!

I'm sorry, but this register is closed. You'll need to go to the next one.

I won't be long! big smile as she shows me her basket See? Just these and we'll be all done.

Ma'am, I'm off the clock on lunch break. Sorry for the inconvenience, but my coworker at the next till would be happy to help you out.

But it's just these few things!

I'm sorry, this register is closed.

She purses her lips at me, then smiled again.

What's for lunch today?

..E-..excuse me?

Your lunch, what are you eating?

...a sandwich.

What kind?


Turkey and what?

She began asking the stupidest questions. What kind of bread, did I like mayo, etc. I caught on eventually that she wanted to be annoying so I would get sick of her and just check her out right there, so she could skip the line at the next register. I started getting a bit exasperated that she was purposefully wasting my lunch break, when just a few minutes ago she was "sorry to interrupt."

Ma'am, I'm off the clock and this register is closed.

I know that, I'm just enjoying the conversation! Which deli do you usually go to?

I picked up my lunch and walked outside at that point. I was so mad. I sat on a bench nearby and finished up. Lucky for me, my job allows a break for anywhere in between 30min and 1hr. So I just took some extra time.

I came back after to find she had reported me (of course) for refusing her service even though I was "clearly available to help her." I didn't get in trouble, but man that was just brutal.





Misty Meanor

She admits that she was interrupting your lunch break, then she reports you for not helping you when she clearly knew you were off. Yep, typical crusty behavior.


When you apologize for doing something then continue doing it, you're an asshole. I hate when people talk to me while I'm trying to eat...

" So when lunch rolled around I had to clock out, close my till, and eat at the register."

In some states, this is actually illegal. Your experience is why.


"I decline to have a conversation with you." Then you stop responding to the bitch.


There are also health codes in certain industries for eating/drinking in the register area, I believe, but this person was an ass

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