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Mistaken Identity 3 JasonFrom Midnight_Ran, IDontWorkHereLady

For my day job I work at headquarters level for a well-known hotel and lodging company. For obvious reasons (employee discounts chief among them) I usually prefer to stay at our own hotels whenever I travel.

Recently I was travelling for a church event, and we happened to stay at a hotel managed by one of our competitors. It was the closest place to the location we were there to visit, and it was being paid for by somebody else, so I didn't object. They were a quality property and treated us all well. I might even stay there again someday.

My group was in the breakfast area one morning, and at my table we were discussing the hotel industry in general - ins and outs of different brands and companies, how this location compared to the ones managed by my company, etc.

A woman at the next table overheard - came up to me and said, "did I hear you work for [my actual company]?"

"Yes," I told her. I expected a question about why I was staying with a competitor, but she launched into a complaint about that actual location where we were staying. Apparently the price was too high, the service was too low, or whatever. I had trouble getting a word in edgewise, but finally I clarified to her that the place we were staying was not part of my company.

"It shouldn't matter," she said. "You work for [hotel company] headquarters, obviously you outrank these people here. What are you going to do about my problem?"

"Ignore it, I guess." I turned back to my table and listened to her sputter for a few seconds until her table mate directed her back away from me.




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