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Mistaken Identity 4 JasonFrom nijiroppi, IDontWorkHereLady

I work for Mcdonald's. The location of my store is surrounded by grocery stores, so it's convenient for me to do my grocery shopping when I get off work on a Friday night. (very few lines and most people don't typically grocery shop at 9:30 on a friday night.)

Walk in with headphones on, red and black polo that CLEARLY SAYS MCDONALDS untucked, mcdonald's hat still on because I forgot I had it on. At this particular grocery store, employees wear black slacks with a white button down. Browsing the pasta aisle because I wanted to make some homemade mac and cheese this weekend.

All of a sudden someone comes up to me, pulls out one of my headphones and says "You work here, right? You shouldn't be listening to music while you're stocking. Now do your job and help me find (some toiletry item, paper towels or something)."

Um. What. I'm off the clock and I DON'T EVEN WORK HERE, get the hell away from me and let me buy my damn macaroni noodles.

She immediately goes to find a manager. Stupid asshole...

She finds me a few rows later, manager in tow, and starts screeching.

Manager finally got a word in edgewise and said, "Ma'am she doesn't work here, she's a customer just like you."


Yeah, and that name tag also says McDonalds on it, as does my hat, as does my shirt. Clearly I so totally work for [midwestern grocery chain].




Not wearing a uniform and name badge will reduce the odds of something like this happening. It will also let you suggest anatomically improbable activities the idiot accosting you might engage in without getting in trouble at work.

Misty Meanor

Unfortunately, sometimes crusties don't bother to look closely, they just grab someone at random and accuse them of working there.


Having a name tag means you are one of the servants. It doesn't matter where you are, it is still your job to serve the entitled class. The overseer's job is to punish disobedient slaves. Oops, I mean manager's job.


I think LadyBelle has nailed it - in their eyes once you show you're a peon, forever a servant will you be, regardless of the situation. Powers forfend they might have to consider they may actually be... *gasp* wrong. Hence why they double down, because literally "the customer is _always_ right."

The amount of identical stories abounding make me wonder just how many lunatics are wandering out there, unmedicated.

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