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Mistaken Identity 2 carolFrom Maggieemontez, IDontWorkHereLady

I live 4 hours away from my mom. I went to visit her around Thanksgiving. My and my stepbrothers birthdays fall around that time and she decided to take us to the mall black Friday weekend so we could pick out birthday presents. Now, I have a mild form of autism and I hate busy malls and such but she talked me into going.

I'm in the store Pink looking at sweatpants on a display table by the door trying to find my size. I'm wearing just a plain green longsleeve shirt and jeans and I had shopping bags from another store. People who work there usually wear things with the brand on it and have lanyards. As I'm looking for my size, a lady walks right up to me and I move thinking maybe I'm in her way.

Lady: What are the sales going on today?

Me: looks around thinking theres a sales associate somewhere and realizes shes looking at me Um...I dont work here.

Lady: curtly Oh.

I walk away to go look somewhere else. I make my way around the store and I found something I really like and am once again looking for my size. What do you know? Same lady walks up to me.

Lady: Are you Dana? I was told to come over here and ask for Dana.

Me: Uh no I'm not. I still don't work here.

Lady: snottily Okay well no need for the attitude. How was I supposed to know?

Gee I don't know lady, maybe because I have my own shopping bags, am not dressed like the associates and told you the first time I didn't work here.

Pretty mild compared to some of the other stories on here but it was pretty awkward.




Misty Meanor

Stupid Is As Stupid Does!™


If I was quick on my feet, I would have answered "There is no Dana, only Zuul."

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