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NYC Store Signage: All Male Customers Pay a 7% Man Tax, All Female Customers Shop Tax Free


MantaxFrom planetsalic

2CentsMaybeLess: It is legal. Was a one day 7% discount for women. Misleading signs.

14th Amendment makes it illegal only for the State to treat genders differently. A business can give a discount for almost anything they want. Age, school, military, social club, free ladies night...all sorts of discounts that aren't available to everyone.

Only thing they can not give a discount or treat different is for race, color, religion, or national origin. Those exclusions are due to the Civil Rights Act of '64.





For a moment I thought it was an "experiment" on the whole wage gap thing... not that they truly would go ahead with such a double standard as a "gender discount"....
Althought, on the bright side, this brings attention to the issue of having a loophole in the law that allows different treatment based on gender...


As a SJA, I get the principle, but this still seems like a great way to lose 50% of your potential customers instantly.

Misty Meanor

I have to wonder how they'd treat me, being a transgender female and all.


This has been around forever at bars. Ever hear of ladies night 1/2 price drinks. They never have guy's night.

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