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From Wandering_Dreamer, Tales From Retail:

I was working headset when a woman pulls up to the speaker in a Hummer. It's hard to hear her, so I ask her to speak up a bit. She does, sounding MUCH more annoyed than before. My headset starts to crap out on me, I ask her to repeat herself. She screams 'is this a joke,' nearly blowing out my ear. I reply, "No, I'm sorry ma'am, my headset isn't working properly." She repeats herself like I'm slow, I store her order, she drives around.

When I approach the window to apologize, she shoots me a nasty look before talking over me, saying the following.

"I don't want to speak to you, you're an idiot."


EDIT: For those saying they would have refused service or are shocked the company I work at tolerates that nonsense, she had already paid and gotten her food. All she needed was her drink and when she got that, she peeled off, obviously in a hurry. I was emotional and had a two-minute cry session in the back, having asked the managers to help calm me down from a panic attack. Their concern was helping me.

She also got really mad at the guy working window because asking for extra pickles clearly meant a side of pickles, not pickles on the sandwich, thus adding to my 'idiocy.'






HUGS. You are not an idiot, but she sure is a rude ho :D

Misty Meanor

Rude people like that have a special place in hell, mark my words!

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