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Bridezillas: Spoiled, Entitled, And Lost Everyone Who Was To Be In The Wedding



That's pretty much me... they've been going downhill since the first one and I'm pretty well over Star Wars now.


Yep. I stopped watching them after the 3rd came out by year. Think of the fact that the Simpsons are about as old as Star Wars. Homer should look like Grandpa by now, and half of the characters be dead. Is that Homer,Grandpa, or Bart?


On the plus side, now that Disney owns the franchise we can now continue believing that the horrendous prequels never existed, as they are now no longer canon.


Actually they still are, or parts of them are at least.

While JJ Abrams has personally stated he doesn't view them as canon Disney/Lucas Films still does. Them and everything attached to them (like Rebels).

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