Bridezillas: Spoiled, Entitled, And Lost Everyone Who Was To Be In The Wedding
Retail Hell Memories: Peace. Love. Unity. Returns.



Don't forget the Elderly person card because elderly= disabled.

and the pregnancy card or even the 'single mother card on a limited budget' card.

Misty Meanor

The Race Card: You can't live with it and you can't live without it. OK, so the latter is untrue, but we know that it will never go away.


As with other things, they have learned if they're big enough assholes long enough, they'll get what they want so they'll shut the fuck up. This is just another amplifier.

Dana Corby

I am extremely disappointed in RHU for posting this dsgusting, racist meme. Shame on you!

And by the way, I won't be visiting this site any more.

Kai Lowell


Door's that-a-way.


Anyone want to start a pool on how long that'll last?


I thought we were long since past the whole hyper-sensitivity on this website?


Will there always be that one jackass that plays the race card? Yes.

Doesn't make the above stop being some racist bullshit though.

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