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Any bad job can zap your energy, but only dream jobs can crush your soul. While bad jobs frustrate and belittle, dream jobs keep their hooks in you. They come laced with toxic hope, teasing with the idea that this job just rocked your world like you originally hoped it would. The job that broke my heart was an unpaid internship at a non-profit that does exactly what I want to do with my life, what I went to grad school for. And this organization had a history of hiring their interns! It was my perfect opportunity to get into the non-profit world! But love always blinds you in the beginning.

My supervisor spent my first three months on the job rebuffing my requests for conversations. Still, this is organization’s mission is what I want to do. I can’t emphasize that enough.  So I stepped out of my comfort zone and spoke up in meetings I wasn’t required to be in, and volunteered for jobs that an unpaid intern wouldn’t normally do.

This led to a project in a third world country that was incredible.

When one of the staff resigned, I told them I wanted her job and asked how to be considered.

My supervisor told me he had no idea I was interested in such endeavors and I needed to work harder to show them. I sat with my supervisor and altered my resume to his specifications in order to apply for that position.

I followed all of his instructions and was rewarded with blank stares, mocking laughter, and shock that I was even trying. After 13 months, they eventually broke the silence with,  “We’ve hired someone else, and she’s taking your desk.”

There were days that no one talked to me or even knew I was there, not to mention the bullying that occurred. Eventually I found out they were just waiting for me to leave. So all of my dreams about hard work that lead to me changing the world were squashed by a paycheck with someone else’s name on it.





Mine was traveling across the country to learn to be a dog show handler for a top handler. What I learned is how easy it is to become trapped in the middle of nowhere and treated like a slave. I was lucky though, A. She was a manipulative Bitch, and emotionally and mentally abusive but not physically. And B. My mother was smart enough to insist I get a round trip ticket that was good for a month. Without that, it would have been MUCH harder to leave. And C. I had a supportive family and strong upbringing, so was able to recognize what was happening before it was to late, and have a safety net when I needed it. I ended up losing 20 lbs in about 3 weeks, and I was crazy sick when I got back though.


"Dream job" for me includes good treatment (appreciation, nice coworkers etc).
I am currently working under conditions I never would have thought possible:
Great working field, nice coworkers (well, it feels more like the most awesome crazy buddies you'll ever meet), supervisors you can put your trust year in heaven!

I was told I will be relocated in the next 3 month.
I am working in public service so I won't have to fear unemployment but damn, I will miss this bunch of crazies and the great job.

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