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Wedding Hell: Encounter with a Weddingzilla



From an RHUer:

Here is my story of a bad wedding.

This isn’t about the bridezilla…but the Weddingzilla (Is that a word, it is now).

I am the lead organist for my church, so I go to a lot of weddings.  This one stands out as the ‘best’. 

I had worked with the bride planning the music and all was planned.  She wanted one song that was not allowed.  I told her so and she accepted it.  She didn’t like that, but she was fine.

Night before at the practice I’m working with the singer.  He asked about the song and I told him it wasn’t allowed and so forth.  He said OK.  Then the wife of the singer gets involved.  Yes, the singers wife.  Not the bride, not the groom.  But totally someone outside the wedding party.  She feels that her husband should sing this song.  I said no, not allowed.  We get into a shouting match.  The singers wife said she called ‘the cardinal’ and he said it was up to us.  (according to her).  Well, we don’t allow it.  I asked her who she talked with because the closest cardinal is over 500 miles away and wouldn’t know our church from Adam.  Of course she didn’t remember any names.  So basically it ended with me saying ‘NO’.

Then the priest comes up and talks to me.  Not our normal priest, but a friend of the family.  So he asks me what the requirements are to preside over a marriage in my state since he was from out of town, well out of state.  So by now it is 6 PM on a Friday.  All offices are closed.  And he just realizes that he doesn’t know if he is legal to marry the couple.  (This was before the internet).  He had to travel over 300 miles to get here, so you would have thought that he would have called before to find out if he was legal.  I just walked away.  Still not sure if they are legally married.

So after this the bride did come by and apologize for the singers wife.  She said we agreed the song was out and not to worry about it. 

So now its Saturday.  Wedding goes off fine.  After the wedding, I’m walking through the church to clean up, etc.  (Small church so you pull double duty.)  As I’m cleaning up in the church I find beer bottles all over in the church.  Now I realize that everyone likes an adult beverage at the wedding, did you really need to bring it into the church?  Drinking in the parking lot isn’t bad enough?  You have all night to drink and celebrate. 

So, that is the story of my ‘Weddingzilla’






While leaving the bottles over the place was trashy unless they had stated that they couldn't bring them in there (guessing the actual event took place outside said church) *shrugs*

I also really want to know what the not allowed song is now.


Yeah, I'm wondering about that too. I guess The Police "Every Breath You Take". :P

Kevin R Gross

The song was 'The Lord's Prayer'. Now before everyone yells....There are rules if you are married Catholic on what songs are appropriate when. Some churches/dioceses enforce more than others. And I have played that for weddings as well, but just not where she wanted it. That is the short story


I got the idea that it was restricted somewhere other than you, was just curious. :) Thanks for satisfying that curiosity; you know what it does to us cats...

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