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Auto Hell: Don't buy your medical supplies at an auto parts store



From Happiny:

Customer comes in asking for carburetor cleaner. Since I like classic cars, I asked him what vehicle he was going to use it on. 
Customer: "It's not for a vehicle. I have a fever blister. I put carburetor cleaner on a fever blister and it dries it right up!"
Me: "Okayyy...We cannot be responsible for medical use of automotive products!"
I told my boss what the customer had said, and naturally he could top that story. My boss once had a customer come in to stock up on WD-40 when it was on sale. The customer volunteered the information that he and his wife were in the habit of using WD-40 as a "personal lubricant."
I sure hope that this customer was either lying or joking! Don't even think of trying this at home or anywhere else!







Misty Meanor

I don't even want to think about what other things they come up with.

WD-40 has been clinically proven to relieve arthritis pain. It is strongly not recommended, however, because it's never been tested for side effects, like whether or not it can cause cancer.


Put some Windex on it!


Heh...KKL, there is an old stage magician show I saw once... every so often he picked up a bottle of windex, unscrewed the top and drank out of it... after the third time (Rule of 3) he apologized and said 'I have a terrible urge to take off all my clothes and run around naked. This keeps me from streaking.'


TT, The Amazing Johnathan! Love that act!


That's it, yeah! I recognize the name, but couldn't remember it. :P Will have to look him up, thanks.

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