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Customer walks to me.

C: I need warranty for something, can you help me?

Me: Sure, what's the problem?

C: A part is bad, I don't know what part. Can you just come out to check it out?

Me: Ok. [walks with him to the car]

The front end of the car is smashed.

Me: ...What's the problem?

C: This! Can't you see? I have a 5 year warranty. I have the papers. I just crashed my car I need you to fix this asap.

Me: Sir, you would need to file a claim with your insurance. This wouldn't be under warranty.

Dumbass 4C: Why not?! I have a 5 year warranty. It's only been 1 year!

C points at a different car.

C: Can't you just switch it with that one? I can't drive this one.

He can't possible be serious.... God... he is!

Me: Unfortunately not. You wrecked your car. You have to go through insurance. Also, your car is a [brand]. We are a [different brand] dealership.

The customer left. Damn, I think I just made him someone else's problem. Sorry to anyone who ended up having to explain that to him!





Sorry, OP, but it makes me feel better knowing it's not just us who gets them. This happens all the time with tech products. Dropped phones, water damaged products, laptops that have been run over by a car (yes, it did happen) as well as some roofer dude who put his phone on vibrate, left it on the edge of the roof, then thought we should cover the cost when it vibrated off the edge. His reasoning: "If you didn't make it vibrate so damn hard, it wouldn't have fallen off the edge"

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