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AUTO HELL 3From CouchBeast, TalesFromRetail

I was working at a Chrysler dealership in BC, Canada. It's about 3:30 in the afternoon. I'm a detailer.

We're right beside the main highway in this town, and we end up pushing this Dodge caravan off the road into our shop - the van smells HORRIBLE. The lady who drives it is really nice though.

We put the car up on a hoist and about a foot off the ground something inside lets out a loud HOOONK!

...That's not a sound the horn makes, I thought, so I ask...

This lady opens up the side door and she's ripped out the seats, put hay down, screwed feed-buckets into the pillars and managed to cram three adult miniature donkeys into this dodge caravan. The smell of these things clears the shop. Only one mechanic is solid enough to do whatever it is she needed to get moving again...

And then those dreaded words that everyone who has the top-tier of dirty cars says...

"Can you detail this for me before I go? I'll let you pat them!"

No, you slob.




McHell Manager

Okay, I will hopefully assume that this vehicle only acts as transportation for the donkeys and not their living space, as that would suck. But aside from the crazy question of "can you detail the car for me", she is not a slob (again, assuming that this vehicle only serves as a donkey taxi).


I guess the OP literally dealt with a bunch of asses that day.

Kai Lowell



Haha! Oh I WISH that had come into my shop!

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