Retail Balls Awards: Shady Discount Rat Gets Told By Drugstore Manager
RHU Tales To Warm Your Heart: A Sweet Surprise Almost Resulted In Selling My Bird



that needs to get called in to the police


Always buy a marker at least a foot high. They don't have the grass sod over them and cars will rip out their oil pan. This reminds me of the year I went to all the old family graves I could remember for great grand parents and newer and scrubbed the moss out of the writing and removed sod from the flush to the ground ones.



Yikes, we haven't had a douchequake like that since I learned of the existence of crotchless panties for children.


Ilia! NO! I did not need to know about that! Bad Ilia! Bad!

I'm going to go throw up now. Thanks.


On the plus side, the store that was selling them pulled them due to public outcry. XD


Did they publicly flog the misbegotton son of a swamp slug that decided they were a good idea in the first place? If not they should have.

We had a similar thing in the UK with "sexy" underwear for tween girls. Lacy stuff and padded bras, they wanted to make me tear my eyes out, what you imparted makes me want to stick my brain in bleach.


D: Good gods, Ilia!


The worst one I saw was glow in the dark training bras. You know any kid that has that is going to demand all her friends look down her shirt to see it glow, not to mention the time it would have to spend getting light and charging


Nope. No flogging. They were pulled when it became known, but the owner CLAIMED they were for teens... Age group of "teen" unknown.

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