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From  dinoman260, Tales From Retail:

So out here in the UK it's been stupidly hot recently, so everyone's feeling super tired on our Thursday evening shift at the Supermarket. We close at 8:00, and it's about 7:20 when the events started. I'm trying to organise the trolleys so I can lock them up in a little bit, when a 30-ish year-old comes out of the shop and sits on the bench opposite the trolleys. Ok. That's alright; slightly inconvenient since it doesn't give me much room to move the trolleys but I'll live.

I walk inside after sorting out the trolleys to get these annoying industrial cable things we use to tie the trolleys and I see the dude starting to smoke on the bench. We've got a strict policy against smoking here since it's outside the door - hence why there's a big red sign on the bench, but maybe he didn't see it. I walked outside and informed him,

Me: "Sorry sir, but it's against the rules to smoke on on the premises. There's a bench over there points where you can smoke."

Dude: "What the F¥#$!? I've just F*#$ing bought your overpriced S#¥$ and I can't even smoke here!"

Me: "I'm sorry sir, but it's against our rules"

Dude: Storms off somewhere.

I continue to lock up the trolleys and collect more from each of the bays. Now, I'll be honest here, I'm not the, I'm not the strongest of teenagers so when I'm pushing these trolleys I look like a complete arse doing it super slowly. I'm trying to pushing about 9/10 trolleys up the slope which is the car park going at 0.01mph across the zebra crossing when I hear: HONK HONK

Dude: "GET OUT OF MY F*#$ing WAY!"

Me: I can't move since there's another car loading off an elderly lady which is blocking the crossing - "There's a car blocking the way. I'll try and be as quick as possible"


I've dealt which crazy threats in the past, but nobody ever does anything, so I repeat what I previous said about being as fast as possible. The man continues to beep his horn at an alarming rate. The car which was blocking my way was starting to move as I release the trolley brakes and start to push the trolleys when I hear the revving of a car engine and the car coming towards me! I ran backwards to get out the way when the massive crash of the dude's car colliding with the trolleys occurs.

To cut the story short he starts trying to blame it on me as my store manager comes out along wth security. After days and a police report, the CCTV proved, along with witnesses, that it was the man's fault and he was fined ~£1250 for the damage to trolleys. Oh, and I got a store gift card because they felt bad I had to be in the situation

TL;DR: I told a smoker he cannot smoke outside the store and he stomped off. Later he tries to run be over and hits my trolleys. Is later fined the cost of the damage and I get a free store gift card.





Misty Meanor

At least they held the driver responsible for the damage instead of trying to blame it on you!


So he gets a fine for damage, but noone cares aboutthe attempted murder?


@Misty Meanor I think that is because the story did not take place in the states. Here, the employee would have gotten the fine and the poor customer a gift card for his inconvenience.


This sounds straight up a case of attempted murder/GBH. It's just a pity they couldn't get a witness to the threat, so they could make the charge stick.

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