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Customer Complains About Sign Saying "They No Longer Accept Cash From Bras and Underwear"



From Lady Postal:

So,  I thought I would give an update about our "we won't take your boob money" sign (pictured above). Someone actually called and complained. The postmaster made us take it down. I told him if anyone came in and pulled money out of a crevice,  I was going to make a point to put on a pair of gloves before touching their money.  Surprisingly,  he was OK with that. 

On a side note of that,  my twin sister works at a local pharmacy store. she texted me, telling me this woman pulled up her shirt,  exposing her bra and everything (apparently there were quite a bit of rolls) and pulled money from her bra,  EVEN THOUGH HER HUSBAND HAD MONEY IN HIS HAND. Ah people. She turned to her coworker after they left and asked for eye bleach.  Aaaahh people. 






Nope. Legally biological waste. You have the same right to not touch it as you would if they peed, bled or jacked off on it.


Sandy, I agree with you! I read on RHU website about a teen boy who handed a waitress money he crapped on. Money is dirty anyway, why make it more so? How do you feel about people who pull money out from places that aren't pockets? I read a story about the Beatles and Rolling Stones going out to dinner together and none of the musicians had money to pay for the meal. George Harrison pulled off his sandal, took off the sole and had money in the empty space to pay for the dinner. At least he didn't pull it out of his underwear! If you ever saw "Paper Moon" Tatum O' Neal's character put the money in the hat band on her head.


This is common where I live, in an extremely hot desert state. It gets up to 120 in the summer. When I worked retail, I refused to accept boob, sock, underwear, etc money. Get a wallet like a sane person, ffs

Tech Support Survivor

Shudder. I don't get why having a wallet is so foreign? I mean even as a kid/ teenager I liked having a cool print wallet. Or even that ghastly bright neon pink one when I was 10. I lost money from my pocket once (sure there was a nice guy who pointed it out so I didn't really loose it), that was all it took for me to use a wallet. Even a change purse.


Sadly, I've been handed money directly out of a wallet that was floppy and soaked with sweat. Of course, the poor guy handing it to me looked like he'd been doing lawn care in a sauna, so nothing less than a wallet double-bagged in a ziplock was going to keep his cash fresh. As soon as I got a chance, I just took it to the back and washed and dried it off.

I do think you ought to be able to refuse body cash. Cash is filthy enough as is without it being rubbed all over someone's sweaty nether-regions. I'd suggest embarrassing any patrons paying with body cash, (give them an unblinking thousand-yard stare as you slowly put on gloves and accept their cash) but honestly, I'm not certain they'd have that sort of self-awareness.

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