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From  gublersgal

  I work at a large department store in the women's section.

I'm let a woman into a fitting room while asking her the typical questions.

M: How are you doing today?

C: Fine.

M: Did you find everything you were looking for?

C: silence

M: Ok well let me know if I can find you anything!

C: Silence

Usually I will check up on customers once or twice while they're in the fitting rooms but this time I got stuck at the cash register. I figured she would be ok as she did not want to talk and only had 2 items.

She comes up to me at the till after waiting at a short line.

M: Sorry I didn't have a moment to check up on you! It suddenly got busy. How did everything work out?

C: Since you didn't come check on me you should give me your employee discount.

I thought she was trying to break the ice with a lame joke. I do the fake retail laugh and continue with the transaction.

M: Ok so you're total is $xx.xx! How would you like to pay?

C: Did you give me the discount?

I realize at this point she wasn't joking.

M: Umm... Sorry I can't do that. It's only for employees.

C: But you said you'd give it to me!

M: No I didn't. I cannot give you an employee discount since you are not an employee.

The customer pauses for a few moments, thinking about how to further make me regret every decision that has gotten me to this point.

C: My daughter used to work here. Can I get her discount?

I'm not sure if I believe her but it doesn't matter. Although we do have a policy where immediate family can use the discount if the employee is present, she says she doesn't work here anymore. Even still, I'm trying to do everything for this woman that I can.

M: no... she has to be present to use her discount. Do you have her employee number? I can see if maybe her number is still active?

C: Of course I don't have her employee number! She worked her 4 years ago!

Our store has only been open for 2 years.

I tell her that there's nothing I can do and she begrudgingly purchases her 2 sale items and walks out, leaving me seriously confused and questioning my life choices.






So funny when they make up numbers... "I've been coming here for forty years!" "This store has only been here for two, and your license says you're 25."

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