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Discount 2From markelfish, TalesFromRetail

Working at a large fast food chain. Today 2 customers come in.

They had a coupon: "Buy one sausage and egg, get a second free."

Now the problem with this couple isn't the fact their coupon is over 4 months out of date, it's how they treated me.

Now I'm not managing, so I decide it's best to just ask the manager on shift if it's okay they still get their free one.

I go to tell the couple that I'm just asking my manager.

Customer: "NO, we ALWAYS get it free. ALWAYS, we took a stack of the magazine with the coupon and you ALWAYS give it to us free YOU obviously don't know who we are. You DON'T have to ask, NEWBIE".

I'm not new, I'm usually just in drive thru. I tell them that I'm asking my manager anyway.

Manager says it's cool.

Me: "Okay so that's, 2 sausage and egg and one is free so $4."

The woman looks angry: "WRONG WRONG WRONG, we want 3 not TWO"

Of course, I'm used to awful customers: "Okay $8."

Customer: "No WRONG, we just gave you a coupon!"

Me: "It's a coupon for ONE free with every purchase. One free sausage and egg per customer per day."

Customer: "Yes, so?"

Me: "That means you have to purchase your other one."

Customer: "But I gave you a coupon!"

Carolanne ugh reallyMe: "It says buy one get one free. You can only have one free"

Customer: "Liar, I want my 2 free ones. Don't you try to cheat me out of this newbie, I want 3".

Me: "There is 3, you still have to pay for 2 of them"

Customer: "Why are you being so ridiculous?! I HAVE A COUPON!"

Finally, I go and fish the coupon out the bin and show her, Ssee, buy one get one free."

Customer: "I don't see why you can't just give me another for free!"

Me: "Because I was actually being nice by giving you the free one anyway with your out of date coupon."

Customer: "You're new, so it's FINE I'll pay for two."




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