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Discount 4From dramione14, TalesFromRetail Comments

My store had a problem with customers wanting a discount every time. Our GM at the time had his "favorites" who he would give discounts to almost every time they came in. He saw this as a good thing because even though we gave the clothes to them at a discount, they came back and shopped more often.

The problem came to be when they expected the discount every time they came in. Most of these customers would come in and request the GM help them with their shopping and if he wasn't there they would be mad and sometimes just leave, coming back when he was there.

Then the GM moved to a different location and we had his customers coming in all the time asking for him, only to be told he was no longer at our location.

Eventually he was fired for some of these discount tactics he used.

The best part was when a customer got mad at me for not returning a pair of shorts that were over a year old. She told me she would just go to the other store to our old GM.

I got to tell her that he is no longer with the company. It shut her up entirely, and made my day.




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