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Discount smallFrom CallMePetardu, TalesFromRetail

I work in a European airport.

One morning, I had a very irate lady order a coffee. I small talked with her, she told me she'd taken a red eye and that she'd read her book the whole way. Fairly standard transaction.

... Until I asked her to pay. I told her that the total came to €2.50. She then insisted that I gave her a discount, because she was "an American citizen on the 4th of July" and that "every airport in the US would give me a discount."

She then started waving her passport at me.

Eventually, she left and refused to pay for the coffee if she couldn't have the discount.

This is not an ideal exchange at 6am.





No, no us airport would have given her any kind of discount, nor would any corporate coffee shop (unless she is an awards member of course). One large reason is you would be amazed at how many US citizens use airports on any given day, even July 4th :P

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