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I'm just getting to my shift at fast food restaurant.

We get a 25% discount on food. So I order a sandwich, my manager puts in the discount on.

At this time, a customer comes in and sees that I got a cheaper price. I walk behind the counter to go to the back, and I hear, "I want whatever coupon he got (pointing at me)"

Manager (at the register still): "I'm sorry sir, he is an employee, so he gets a base 25% off our sandwiches because we value their work."

Man: "Well, I have to ask what he has ever done except be a waste of space. I am a military veteran, 1992-99 unit XXX, and I deserve a discount!"

Manager: "It's great to hear that you served, we have so much respect for those that served, but sadly we don't have such a discount program for veterans. If you want, you can always call (corporate #) and suggest such a program."

Man: "That's ridicules that you would give that worthless piece of trash a discount when you won't even help out a military veteran! I will make sure all my friends and all of the veteran's rights groups of (city) aware of how you treat the heroes of this great nation!"

Thank you?




"Well, sir, the people you tell will fall into one of two categories: Either they will already know you're an asshole, and maybe come here *because* you don't want them to, or they're assholes just like you, and we don't want their business, either."

In my experience, people who get that assholish over a discount for veterans are about as likely to not actually *be* veterans as they are to just be assholes. And trying to get a discount for falsely claiming veteran status is a crime.


This guy sounds like a sterling example case from (or OP's equivalent in their country)


People who refer to themSELVES as heros....aren't. Sorry this happened. Most likely this guy never was in the service, and is a natural-born asshat.

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