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Discount Rats: Your Threats Do Not Work Here


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I used to work at a small computer repair shop and we had a guy like this. I don't know the exact details, but one time the owner gave him a discount because he bought a large number of parts all at once.

Every time since then, he had demanded a discount. "I'm not paying retail for those," he would bark with this "I'm better than you" sneer on his face.

I would politely proceed to begin shelving the parts and he would demand to speak to the owner. I would go get him, the owner would tell him that it was a one-time discount, and he would bitch that we didn't match the prices from Amazon, then reluctantly buy some of the parts while bitching under his breath that we were going to go out of business because we don't know how to treat customers.

We were a 6-person computer place in the middle of fucking nowhere. Unless you wanted to drive 1.5 hours to the next major city then drive 1.5 hrs back, you were paying extra for our part.

This happened at least once every 60 days. Truth is, if he had just acted like a decent human being when he walked in, I wouldn't have even thought twice about knocking a few bucks off of the big items.




Misty Meanor

The entitlement of some crusties never ceases to amaze me.


Yet another mouthbreather who doesn't realise that if they treated staff like actual human beings, nice things might happen for them. "As you sow, so shall you reap."

I just hope they don't own pets or have kids. They're obviously not qualified to bring anything up.

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