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From gathayah, Tales From Retail:

In the small grocery store I worked at while finishing school, we had a few soda machines. They were pieces of junk that jammed all the time, and we were constantly having to give refunds whenever they would eat people's money.

One day we noticed that one of the machines had jammed. I made a quick "Out of Order" sign (it was just a magic marker and printer paper, but it was written very clearly in big letters) and placed it directly on the front of the machine. It was clearly noticeable.

Now, those of you who are in this sub frequently are probably all too familiar with customers who blatantly ignore/refuse to read signs. But this particular incident was a new one for me.

Customer: "Hey, that machine just ate my change."

Me: "Oh, I'm sorry about that. I can give you a refund. Which machine was it?" (I asked him this on the chance that another machine had jammed so I could make a sign for that one too.)

Customer: points to soda machine with large noticeable "Out of Order" sign still securely in place

Me: "Sir, that machine is out of order. There's a sign on it indicating this."

Customer: "Oh, well, I saw that, but since it wasn't over the coin slot, I thought it was okay."

Yeah. He ignored a very obvious "Out of Order" sign because the sign didn't obstruct the coin slot. Apparently that means the sign is invalid. I evidently missed that in my training.

I started putting the signs over the coin slots after that, since apparently the simple act of reading the sign and correctly interpreting the words on it was too confusing.

-- gathayah






If it had been over the coin slot, he would have shoved the coins through the paper anyway. If the machine had been hooked up to a million volt stungun, he'd probably have bought plastic salad tongs to do so.

Misty Meanor

You know that some customers are beyond words for how dumb they are!


This actually happened in my work place. The air machine for the tyres was out of order and there was indeed a sign and someone came in to complain it wasn't taking his money. I looked over the forecourt and the sign was still there, over the coin slot. He'd actually lifted the sign up to put the coins in. He was quite angry that the sign hadn't been stuck down completely because then he wouldn't be able to move it out of the way.



It wouldn't matter, stupid gonna stupid. I think there's been at least two stories here about a broken fuel pump where the custy has run over the blocking cones, ignored the two huge bright red "OUT OF ORDER:" signs on the pump, torn off the warning glove on the nozzle, ripped off the sign completely sealed over the card slot, then rampaged into the store frothing about "how come your damn pumps don't work?"

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