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Mistaken Identity 2 CarolFrom Meowimak10IDontWorkHereLady

Some context before I delve into my story. I work for a retail company who also sells mobile phones. This particular person happened to be trying to get ahold of the company who's mobile phones we sell. That being said, this story might not be relevant to this sub, and I apologize if so. Its about a week into my new job, and its one of my first shifts working on my own.

Our phone rings, and I answer to a guy who immediately opens with, "Hey remember me?"

Me "I'm sorry sir I've seen a lot of people today, and I don't, can you refresh my memory?"

G "You have to remember me, I was the guy standing in your lobby for 20 minutes, while you were helping a woman"

Me "Uh. I'm sorry sir, I think you're mistaken. It's been busy today but no one was waiting for 20 minutes."

G "How could you not remember, I was the only other person there?"

At this point, I could hear the irritation in his voice growing.

Me "Again, I'm sorry sir, but I have had more than two people in my store in the last twenty minutes. Maybe you have the wrong number?"

G "Are you calling me a liar?"

Custy phone 2Me "No sir. I just think you've called the wrong location."

G "You sell ___ phones, don't you?"

Me "I mean yes, but were also a ___."

G "I need to know about this phone."

Me "I'm sorry sir, but I cant help you. I've recently begun working here and they haven't gone over this bit of training with me and I can't login to the page to retrieve the information."

G "How can you work at a cellphone store and not know about this phone?!"

Me "Again, I'm sorry. But we are primarily a retail location that happens to also sell phones. I get why you're upset but if you want to call back around 2, my store manager will be here and can answer any questions you have."

(I can totally understand why someone would be frustrated to call a place and the person doesn't have the answers but I was sympathetic with his situation and tried to offer as many solutions as I could.)

G "let me speak to your manager!"

Me "Sir, I am the manager on duty this morning, I just said he will be in around two and can better assist you..... "

Before I could finish my sentence, he cuts me off and begins to raise his voice.

G "Don't lie to me, I was there. She walked into the back. I know she is there, let me speak to her."

Douchebag story timeMe "My manager is a guy, and he isn't supposed to be here until the afternoon. I assure you I am the only person in my location this morning."

G "I saw her! Stop lying."

Me "Please sir, calm down I really believe you have the wrong location"

G "I'm going to get you fired, this is bullshit!"

He screamed some other expletives before hanging up the phone.

I spent the next few hours terrified that I was going to get in trouble because I wasn't able to help and was mentally preparing for what would come next. When my store manager came in, I immediately apologized and told him what was going on. He shrugged his shoulders, and said it was no big deal. People got our stores confused, and nothing serious would come of it. It's been over a year, and now when someone starts to get irate and won't listen as they yell into the phone, I hang up.




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