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I manage an Italian quick service restaurant. Our menu is primarily pasta, but we sell a few other things including pizza. We occasionally have people call in bigger orders that they want to pick up at a later time to save themselves from waiting too long in the lobby.

One day a man walks in during the middle of dinner and says he has a call in order for five pizzas. I hear into the back to ask them back there if they knew about a call in order. It happens sometimes where the kitchen staff gets the order but that isn't fully communicated with the FOH staff. But nobody there knew about it. I ask the other managers and they don't know about it. Wtf. OK...

I head back up front to talk to the guy and share the news; we don't have his order ready, and we don't even know what the order is.

Guy: It's five pizzas. What do you mean you don't know what it is?

Me: I'm sorry sir nobody here has taken a call in order today. Are you sure you called the right (Store Name)?

Guy: Of course I did.

Me: Well maybe you called the one in (town which is five minutes down the highway)?

Guy: No I specifically made sure it was the one in (this town).

Me: Well I'm sorry sir we don't have record of it. We can throw it together for you ASAP but it might take a little. What was the full order?

Guy at this point is livid, barely keeping it all together. He's clearly in a rush.

Guy: Well I have one large pizza with pepperoni and green pepper. I have a medium pizza with just pepperoni. On large pizza with bacon and sausage. One pepperoni pixza on the gluten-free crust...

So as he's reading this off my brain is trying to process everything. We literally can't make any of the items he is ordering. We sell cheese and pepperoni pizza - we don't have the ingredients to make anything he is asking for because this isn't a pizza place, it's a general Italian place.

Me: I'm sorry sir but you definitely did not place this order with us. We literally cannot make this order and everybody here knows that. We don't even have a gluten free pizza crust.

PizzahellGuy: This is preposterous why would you tell me on the phone that you could make it then?

Me: I'm sorry sir but we did not.

Guy: Here I have the number still in my call log. Isn't this you?

Me: No.

Guy: (looks confused). Are you sure?

Me: Yes.

The guy calls the number to figure out wtf is wrong. I reach around the swinging door to grab the cordless phone and place it on the counter in between us. It doesn't ring.

He had called a pizza place that had just opened up very close to us. After hanging up the phone he throws out a quick sorry and heads out the door.




McHell Manager

At least he said sorry. Most people just stomp off in an angry/embarassed tiff.

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