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From ultrasuperman1001, Tales From Retail:

This goes back a few years to when I was a manager at a small electronics store. A guy walks in and is looking around, I greet him and he starts saying "wow this place has changed in a few years".

I ask him where he's from and he says he's a local but that he used to work here, so we talk about how things have changed. After a bit he explains why he came in and that was so he could return his alarm clock but says he doesn't have a receipt.

I say I can try to find it but he bought it from another store and we couldn't look up other stores receipts. So I take it to the counter to see what I can do, I scan it and it rings up $2.96.

At this point I'll mention that this clock is at least a year old but it has the original box in good condition. I was feeling pretty good and these were a hot item so I knew we could sell it easily, I say to him "so without a receipt I can only exchange it at the $2.96 price" he then flips his lid and starts saying "I bought this last week for $10", "I used to work here and this is how I'm treated", etc. He then asks to speak to the manager -this is where I got my flair from- and I reply "I am the manager" (That's also why I was willing to exchange it without a receipt and beyond the 30 days). Now he just wants the money back and at this point I just want him out of my store so I decide to refund him the $2.96, he storms out and I never saw him again.






Do people think that buying shit from a store is a saving program or something? You're not depositing money so you can get it back later, you're buying shit to own. Why do people keep expecting to get their money back for shit they used?


I hate when people try to pull the "I used to work here...." or "I've worked in retail for xxxx years..." crap. If they really did then they KNOW what the policy is and they're not going to get special treatment.

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