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From  Alexistexas33, Tales From Retail:

When I was working in <insert thrift store here> someone had donated – no lying here – 75 brand new - $300 price tag still attached football jerseys to us.

I have no clue why or how, but I was lucky enough to find them and tag them. I put the price at $75 each, and all 75 went on a rack close to the registers. Now by the registers, we have very high-def cameras, mostly to watch the employees to make sure they weren’t mishandling money, but other times to stop shop lifters.

We had one camera facing the front of the store, which is where this story begins.

We had 75 jerseys hanging on the front rack right by the camera in front of the store. In walks thin lady. Thin lady notices the rack, takes about ~10 off the rack, goes into the dressing room, stuffs her shirt with all 10, and walks out.

She came back the next day and did the same thing. By this time, we noticed the missing jerseys and checked the cameras to where we saw her walk into the dressing room, come out looking 9 months pregnant, and leave the store.

At this point we printed out her pictures and placed them at all 3 registers and at the door in front of the store.

In walks the lady again a few days later. The jerseys were now moved to the glass showcase where only employees could get into.

As she was looking, she had looked up and noticed her picture was posted on all 3 registers. She had asked why her picture was there, to which our head manager was called.

Head manager explained that she was caught shop lifting those jerseys, and if she did not get out that she’d call the police. The lady was stunned, and asked to see a close up of the picture. My manager obliged, and shows her how she walked in very thin, and walked out looking pregnant.

Her response?

She said that she took some nachos into the dressing room while she was trying on the jerseys and it must have made her bloated.

The lady had nothing more with her than her wallet.

In all honestly, I laughed when I heard this story.

-- Alexistexas33





Misty Meanor

You should've kicked her out the moment she lied.


The sad part of this is that if someone rolls someone for $100 in their wallet, the cops will be all over it, that guy will be jacked up and locked away in jail.

Stealing $1500 of merch? "Meh, fuggedabodit"

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