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Retail Hell Memories: The Customer Sit In



From  not_your_roommate11, Tales From Retail:

This happened a few weeks ago, but as we were closing the registers for the night and helping the last few customers, we had a sit in.

An adult lady, upset about not getting a cash refund from a credit (not debit) card purchase threw a tantrum and sat in the floor.

She had purchased an item on her store credit card, paid the card off, and then wanted to return the item. Since the card didn't have a balance, she felt like she deserved to be given cash, however, we don't do cash refunds on credit purchases. We can do cash refunds for debit card purchases, but only since debit cards are technically "cash" tender.

I know from experience that our store card gives a credit if you return an item and have a $0 balance, and if you really want that back as money, you just call the card company and they'll send a check with your next statement. Or the next time you make a purchase, the credit is applied towards that purchase. It's not a terrible arrangement.

Instead of doing any of that, she sat in the floor, told the manager on duty she wasn't leaving until she got her money, and refused to leave even when he said the police would be called. This was all happening ten minutes before the store closed, so the manager, not wanting to keep anyone late because of a ridiculous customer, gives her a cash refund.

Thanks to him doing that, we got out on time, but he was not happy about having to give her what she wanted. Had it not been time to close, he would have put her through the embarrassment of a police removal. I'm kinda sad he didn't do it anyways.

-- not_your_roommate11





As is so often the case, the customer is only half the problem. Never threaten to call the police unless you are prepared to actually do so. He has taught her, very convincingly, that the way to get what she wants is to break the law.

(And I'll lay you odds that id he'd picked up the phone and punched in three numbers - any thing, she doesn't know - that she'd have left immediately, knowing the score if she didn't.)


Indeed. Another reinforcement of 'if I"m a huge asshole I'll be given what I want'.

Misty Meanor

Some managers need a reinforced spine!


Misty, I still believe that most corporations force employees to undergo a spineectomy before they get the promotion. First, the spine is removed, then during management training they undergo intense brainwashing, and the final class that must be completed is advanced ass-kissing and brown nosing techniques. Only after all of that are they allowed to take their places in management. Praise be to our mighty corporate overlords, all glory to the corporation!


I've also never heard of a store giving cash refunds on credit purchases. Even if you use your debit card as credit, it's always the amount credited back to your account. If you use it as Debit, then you can generally get it in cash, because debit is considered cash for all intents and purposes

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