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From FUNKYIMPACT, Tales From Retail:

I was on self checkout a few days ago.

One of the lanes had a bill jam the moment I opened it up, and after trying to get management to fix it, it just wouldn't work, so it's been closed all day.

I had a sign covering half the screen. Your typical "This lane is temporarily out of order" sign, with big bold letters.

The light was off. Smaller light was red. No people were using it. Even the screen wasn't on your usual start screen-- where instead it was the error screen.

Cue this lady. This one. Fucking. Lady.

She walked right up to it, set all her crap on the side, pressed the button... and the lane made a triple beep noise. When she realized it wasn't working, she turned to me and snipped "How come you didn't tell me that this wasn't working!?"

I... honestly, was stunned. I didn't say anything to her when she stormed off.

You know, I'm not obliged to tell you that it's not working. The signs were enough to do that for most customers. BUT I GUESS NOT.

She even called me a dumbass out loud ( ??????? ) but thankfully another customer witnessed what had happened, and immediately called out this old bitch and told her that she was rude.

Some people, my dudes.





She's the dumbass who can't read a sign!

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