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Sexism In The Workplace: Imaginary Sexism


Sexism 1From Danceswithyorkies, TalesFromRetail

(From my days as a pet store cashier)

Customer: "Are all your dog groomers female?"

Me: "At this store, yes."

Customer: "I can't believe you people are so sexist forcing those poor women to work around dog hair all day."

Me: "They want to work in there, dog groomers make great money."

Customer: "If the money was so great it would be full of men! They must make nothing poor darlings, I bet they don't even get lunch breaks."

Customer leaves, almost in tears over imaginary sexism.

The groomers made more than some managers and got an hour lunch. The only reason there's no men is because none apply. Your average guy doesn't want to spend his day fluffing up poodles and tying bows on yorkie ponytails I guess.




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