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Sexism In The Workplace: The Truth Behind 'Men's Body Wash' And 'Women's Body Wash'


Growing up, it was always blue toys for boys and pink toys for girls. Never mind that some girls like blue and there's no reason a boy shouldn't wear pink ... but I digress. Thankfully, after middle school, "boy stuff" and "girl stuff" isn't such a big deal, right? Ummm that's a big nope. I can't decide what's worse: that brands are making money off these tired gender stereotypes or that we keep buying into them.

 --The Checkout




When my brother was little, people used to mistake him for a girl. Because my mom wasn't going to throw out perfectly good clothing just because they were pink.


Metro male checking in. Most of the male-only products are pretty rubbish. I actually prefer the female Dove/Nivea stuff, although Natio is not too bad. LOreal is overpriced rubbish. The only problem with female stuff is a lot of it is super-perfumed, and some is designed for 'gentle dainty princess' skin and just won't cut grease and grime.

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