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Sexism 2From Kara-ElIDontWorkHereLady Comment

Happened a lot to me when I sold cars for a major Japanese auto maker. I LOVE cars and as a professional sales representative, it was part of my job to actually know what the fuck I was selling. Oh yeah, I am female. A tiny, five foot even gal.

I was certified to sell all of the models (helped earn you bonuses if you were certified), and even became one of the few truck experts on the lot. To this day I can still give you specs on the various models and trims of our trucks and SUVs that we sold.

The way customer's eyes would glaze over if they asked about a specific thing about a car or truck as if I had no business knowing that kind of info was always frustrating.

I've even had fellow sales GUYS stop me to ask me about something right in front of their customer.

One guy even threw the whole "Is there a guy were can ask?" line at me while my best buddy was passing by. He stopped my friend, asked him the same question I just answered not a minute before.

My buddy just shrugged and nodded at me. "Ask her. She's one of our truck experts."

My buddy then just shook his head and walked away.

Still sold the guy a truck, though.




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