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From wonderwomanager, Tales From Retail:

I recently took over as the Store Manager of Mysterious Retail Store. My Assistant Manager (ASM) has been there for years, however, and knows all the regulars. They're still getting used to me, on the other hand. I suspect I'm not as nice as her, as evidenced by this story.

One day, Discount Lady (DL) comes in. She's buying some bargain-bin, on-sale, heavily-discounted-already stuff.

It should be noted as well that we have a membership program, where all your purchases are recorded on the card, you collect points to go up levels, and the higher levels give you certain benefits. It should be noted that these benefits do NOT include discounts, and DL has been to our store enough times to know this. However, this still occurs:

DL, lumbering up to counter with her purchases: Any discounts for members?

Me with Bright Retail Smile™: No, sorry! You do, however, get a copy of all your receipts saved and-

DL: Is ASM here? I usually get served by her.

Me: She's on break at the moment, I can help you out though!

I ring up her purchases.

Me: That'll be $$$ please!

DL: Ugh no discount for members?

Me: deja vu ...No, sorry!

DL: Any other discounts or anything you can do?

Me: what did I just say No, sorry, everything you're purchasing today is actually $xx under the RRP anyway, so you're already saving $xx!

DL: Can you get ASM? I'm a regular here and she usually helps me out by taking extra money off for me anyways!

Me: oh really is that so Well she's still on her break and unfortunately, as the Store Manager, I can't authorize any further discounts...

DL: short pause Oh, you're the store manager?

Another pause.

DL: Any discount for members?

This is why I have no faith in humanity.

I spoke to ASM later on and it turns out this woman is well known to nag for discounts. ASM has never given her extra money off, merely suggested alternative, cheaper products. Since there weren't any in this particular case I could offer, I did the best I could...






Misty Meanor

People like this make me want to lose my mind!

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