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Manager from hellFrom still_sick

I was called into my boss's office one day, and asked why I was so despondent for the past few months.

I said it was because my salary was so far below market, and I had no choice but to stay employed at this place (green card slave).

He asked what my salary was, so I told him. He called me a liar, and insisted it couldn't possibly be that low. Back and forth for a minute, he storms off to HR to ask them. They confirm I wasn't lying.

He storms back, sits down slamming his hands on his desk, and tells me (quote), "SHUT UP AND BE GRATEFUL THAT WE AREN'T DRAGGING THE PROCESS OUT EVEN LONGER LIKE WE SHOULD!"

We had previously been friends. It did not occur to him that that conversation ended that.

He got very pissed from me not wanting to buddy around with him for the following months.

I lined up a new job and left not long after, citing his hostility and poor treatment of me as my reason for leaving.

I sent a copy to HR. I don't know if they acted on it.




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