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A customer comes in 5 minutes before closing...


Carolanne 005

From Binarranon, Tales From Retail:

As I'm sure you guys are familiar with some customers like to come in right before closing and buy a huge cart of shopping. These people are generally oblivious to the fact they're keeping staff past closing.

So this women runs up to my checkout with a small basket of items and begins apologising for coming in so late. I assure her it's ok. I learn that she used to work retail too and understands the blight of this.

She was incredibly nice the entire time and it only took a minute or two to ring up her stuff. We shared a few laughs about oblivious customers and she again apologised for keeping me.

I looked at the clock and it was only a minute after closing. I wish more customers were this considerate.







McHell Manager

I ran to my local Home Depot last night and got there 30 minutes before closing. The intent was to grab a tiller that they had, throw it in my car, and be out in 5 minutes. Of course the tiller was not where it should be, and was actually on the top rack of the shelves. I felt so bad when they pulled out the fork lift and closed off the isle so they could retrieve it for me. I still got out on time, with 5 minutes to spare, but I still felt bad. They had no problem doing it though, and when we told them that we didn't mean to make them do all this work just for a tiller, they shrugged and said "hey, our fault for not putting it away properly"

Misty Meanor

Considerate customers at that time are a very rare find. Most of the time they just figure they're always right so they can make us wait.


Not too long ago I had to run out and buy some meds for my 7 year old. I ran to the local branch of a popularly advertised 24hr pharmacy, only to find out that our branch was not, and was closing in less than 5 minutes. I managed to get all my stuff and checked out in 4, apologising the whole time. They were laughing at how fast I grabbed what I needed and ran back!

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