Retail Hell Memories: "Ma'am, that's not your baby"
Malicious Compliance: You Got It, Boss



Does this mean lil' ol' pescatarian me can get someone fired for microwaving leftover meat topped pizza because I think it stinks to high heaven and contaminates the taste of anything put in it afterwards? Hurrah!

Seriously, hot pockets are far nastier smelling than the appropriately refrigerated and reheated tuna casserole. I stopped using microwaves after I had a roommate that would eat a box of those a day. Everything I tried to heat in it afterwards stank of overprocessed meat.


The women at work were all on a cabbage soup diet that lasted 6 months at a time and they tried it at least three times. All day cabbage soup in a crock pot stench in the whole building for a couple years. The crock pot sauerkraut and pigs feet guy was just as bad.

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