Malicious Compliance: Bad Retail Slaves Get Their Comeuppance
A customer comes in 5 minutes before closing...



I used to be terrified of geese. A result of being chased by farm geese taller than I was. Turns out they don't like it when you chase their children.

In my defense I was 5, and goslings are freaking adorable.


Geese are aggressive at times, and they will bite you hard. Obviously the person mocking the warning has never been attacked by a gaggle of them before.


This is why you don't feed popcorn to geese in the parking lot....they then want popcorn from EVERYONE!

Tech Support Survivor

I'm not as afraid of geese as I am getting close to swans. I was able to pet a goose once (was in a flock with ducks at a pond). But swans... one nearly took my finger off as a child.

Yea, they are lingering cause they've been fed, and when they get used to being fed, they expect it. And demand it.

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