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Aaron Neerenberg

We had a conference call the other day with about 1300 people in it. typical bullshit that could have been a 5 minutes to read the powerpoint. at any rate, the first 10 minutes of it was just a non-stop cacophony of background noise (car doors, kids, pets, etc) as most of the 1300 were on remote from home or while driving. after 10 minutes the moderator figured out how to just put everyone on mute and then started to read verbatim from the powerpoint that had already been sent out...


I hate when management does that... if it's a document, send it to me. I hate being read to, and I read ten times as fast as you can read it to me. I can read it my damn self...


I do this with conferences. I tell my supervisor not to bother spending several thousand to fly me somewhere for a few days, expensive accommodation and expenses etc, when I could... just read all the presentations in half an hour.

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