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From  animango, Tales From Retail:

It's been a frustrating morning already and I need to blow off steam by sharing my stories.

Woman #1 comes to the checkout desk to pick up and pay for printed pages (sent from the self-serve computer).

Me: 16 pages will be $1.60.

W#1: But I only wanted the first page. I didn't mean to print all 16.

Me: But you did print 16 pages and we cannot reuse the ink or paper, so you have to pay for all 16 pages.

W#1: Well that's crazy, I only wanted 1. What if someone prints 100 pages?!

Me: Then they'd have to pay for 100 pages. (I mean what did she expect? We're not willing to take a loss for 15 pages, so she thought that we'd take a loss of 99?!)


Woman #2 typed up a short letter using MS Word. She printed 10 copies, and (surprise!) she didn't want to pay for that many. She insisted that because it didn't "show her a picture" of the doc before printing that she shouldn't have to pay for the pages she didn't want. She had clicked the default "quick print" setting (which skips the options dialog box) a bunch of times before checking to see if anything had printed.







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